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Máiréad O Donnell and Damien McDonnell provide Covid training in Ireland

Why work with QSix?

In short, because we have been doing this for years. 

For over 15 years through our company Polar IceTech,  we have worked with some of Ireland’s most experienced Health & Safety and Quality managers ensuring the procedures they implement are safe and favourable. We have risk-assessed some of the most sensitive work environments and introduced cleaning methods that maximise quality and return on investment.

Equally, our work has offered us an opportunity to work with some of the country’s leading thought leaders and experts in the areas of specialist contract cleaning, industrial hygiene and infection control. 

Now we seek to use this knowledge to get the economy on the strongest possible footing for recovery. We are working with businesses to ensure post Covid-19 plans create business advantage and consumer confidence.

Damien McDonnell is Director of Qsix

Damien McDonnell

Director & Advisor

Damien McDonnell is a respected award-winning businessman and source of expert knowledge in the areas of decontamination, disinfection and quality control. With over 25 years of technical experience, Damien has developed an exceptional level of expertise and has an unrivalled capacity for being able to adapt his knowledge to varying sectors. Damien helps QSix clients to see hidden or forgotten facilities within workspaces, understanding the risks and advises on suitable methods to use.  

Damien is also Managing Director and owner of Ireland’s leading Cryogenic Cleaning company, Polar IceTech

Máiréad O Donnell is a Director at Qsix

Máiréad O'Donnell

Director & Advisor

Máiréad O’Donnell is an experienced businesswoman and communicator. Having started her career in Journalism and progressing on to external and internal communications, Máiréad understands the power of words and positive communication well. A qualified Executive Coaching, Máiréad helps QSix clients to successfully get employees and stakeholders onboard and communicate change that ensures business success. 

Máiréad is also Operations Director with Polar IceTech and Chairperson of the South West Lean Forum.