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Employee Induction

This short online induction programme is designed to help employers comply with their obligation to provide COVID-19 induction for staff and ensure staff understand how best to protect themselves when returning to work.

- Employee Obligations
- Custom Cleaning Plans
- Surface Disinfection Methods
- and more

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Business Training

This online course is designed to help business owners distill new legal obligations and requirements to ensure a safe working space for employees and customers that prohibits the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

- Breakdown of Obligations
- Tips on new procedures required
- Audit & Reporting Requirements
- and more

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Risk Assessing Plans

Take part in an interactive programme where your post-Covid re-opening plans are risk assessed and inspected by professionals to ensure compliance and wellbeing of staff, suppliers and customers.

Ensure safety measure investments are maximised, additional risks are not overlooked and how to put adequate reporting measures in place.

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We help businesses ensure
post-Covid efforts are compliant
and future-proof

We help businesses risk assess physical work environments,  create realistic action plans, train employees and positively communicate in a way that reassures and encourages staff, suppliers and customer confidence. 

At QSix we have extensive experience in decontamination and business excellence.
This means we can help clients with their business challenges now, as well as plan for their next business opportunities.